Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Lexi decided that she wanted to go bowling on Labor day. Lance and I kind of have a love, hate relationship with any kind of competitve sports. I am a very competitive person, so from the first time we went bowling or mini golf or any kind of game like those, my fiery self comes out. over the years, I have mellowed out. I used to kick his butt, whenever we would go play, (just kidding)! Lexi has definetly taken after us in the competitive spirit. She does not like to lose, but who does!!!! We had a great time. Our first game Lance won with 133 , I came in second with 113, and Lexi got 106. Our second game I won (woo, hoo) with 129, Lance with 118, and Lexi got 79!


Danette said...

Remind me to never play with you's. I barely break a hundred on my third try.

The Pratt Family said...

How fun! I love bowling! I also love your new hair color! We sure miss you guys. Hope all is well.