Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let the Holidays begin!

I am so glad that we can focus on the upcoming Holidays and to forget the disappointing outcome of the elections. I was so tired of hearing all the political crap that was out there and just hope that we survive the next four years. I am going to focus on the good things in my life and enjoy the Holidays! I have been so busy lately. I just got called as the enrichment counsler in our new ward. We are having to staff everyone because the ward is all new. I have met some incredible women and am so excited to work with them and to get to know them. I hope everyone can remember this coming Thanksgiving of all the things they are grateful for and to remember to enjoy their family and friends!

Happy Halloween!

The Many Men in my life!!!!!





Mike and April, Jenna and Jordan!

Dani and her kids!

Mom and Dad

Cody and Trisha and Max as the Family guy!
Mr. and Mrs. Clean and their baby!

We had a great time at Halloween! My Sister-in-law threw a great party! She went all out! Her house was decorated with all sorts of scary things. She had a great dinner with ham and potatoes. Lots of activities for the kids and everyone got into the spirit by dressing up. Jolea loves Halloween because it was her dad's favorite. He would got all out to make it a blast for everyone. She was paying homage to her dad! Thanks for a great party Jolea!

Daddy Daughter Date!

Lance and Lexi went on a daddy daughter date with the activity days girls. They had a luau, so they got to dress up as Hawaiians. They love to spend time together. It's probably because Lance tends to let her get away with anything she wants!!! He is diffently the push over parent!