Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Lexi decided that she wanted to go bowling on Labor day. Lance and I kind of have a love, hate relationship with any kind of competitve sports. I am a very competitive person, so from the first time we went bowling or mini golf or any kind of game like those, my fiery self comes out. over the years, I have mellowed out. I used to kick his butt, whenever we would go play, (just kidding)! Lexi has definetly taken after us in the competitive spirit. She does not like to lose, but who does!!!! We had a great time. Our first game Lance won with 133 , I came in second with 113, and Lexi got 106. Our second game I won (woo, hoo) with 129, Lance with 118, and Lexi got 79!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last days of Summer!

We spent the evening up at Thistle. Melissa, Dan and the boys were in town for the Holiday weekend. We had fun hanging around the fire, and just being with family.

Lexi enjoying Melissa's yummy dutch oven cooking

Melissa and Zac.

All the kids playing with their fun toys. They got so dirty! They were all rolling around in the dirt. I guess that's what you get when you have a bunch of boys!

Lance and I hanging out together in front of the fire. There is nothing like an open fire!

Dani and La! The Two birthday girls!!!

Like father, Like daughter! Lexi is a natural when it comes to shooting a gun. Grandpa showed her how to sight a gun and she hardly missed a shot!

All the kids trying to hit all the pop cans in the tree!

This was in August, up at Thistle. I had to concentrate really hard to hit the target. Not as good a shot as Lexi and Lance!

Lexi and Max! He sure loved hanging out in the dirt and getting dirty!

Grandpa and Max! I think that Pa is going to miss this little guy now that they have moved to Seattle. These two have really bonded, since they have lived with grandma and grandpa!

Max on the tractor! He loved this thing. Everytime he looked at it he would just start laughing and getting so excited!

Lexi, with her two good friends, Ryley and McCall, and her cousin Aria! We spent the day at her uncle John and Aunt Kindras house swimming in the pool. They spent hours in there and still didn't want to get out!

Lance, Lexi, and her grandma and grandpa Hancock on their campout. I didn't get to go because of being sick, but they seemed to have a great time!